Pet Preparedness
Most of us with pets consider them to be a part of our family. So it only makes sense to have plans to get them to safety and provide for their needs in an emergency.
Food and Water
At home I store extra water and food for my pets along with any special items they might need. Dry pet food can be stored in the bags for about 1 year and canned food will store even longer. I rotate my pets’ food regularly just to keep it fresh. I like to store about a 3 month supply of pet food. I just buy a little extra each time and it builds up quickly. Don’t forget to include their medications in your storage plans.

Emergency Kits
In addition to storing food and water, it is a good idea to make an emergency kit for your pet in case you need to evacuate them with your family. I include:
  • Shot records in a zip top bag
  • An extra collar
  • An extra leash
  • A blanket
  • A toy
  • Treats
  • Kitty litter for cats
Storing and Carrying the Kits
My dog (she’s big) has a saddle-bag-style kit that she can wear. She can actually carry her own food, water, collapsible bowls, her meds, treats, a toy and an extra collar! But your plan may be different—especially for cats or small dogs.
Our cats each have a carrier and we keep their emergency kits packed inside. In an emergency we can take the bag out, put the cat inside, and we are ready to go. Be sure to include your pets each time you practice your family’s evacuation plan—it will help reduce stress on your pets in an emergency. We love our pets and these simple preparations bring us great peace of mind.
Now our biggest challenge is actually catching the cat!
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