Many of you have been asking how you can help those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Well, here’s a way we can all help out:
Emergency Essentials has teamed up with Goal Zero to promote their ‘You Buy One, We Give One’ relief program. Goal Zero will match every purchase—dollar for dollar—with relief in the form of Goal Zero solar recharging kits.
All Goal Zero products count toward this program. So if you’ve been thinking about buying a solar power pack, solar panels, or even some lights or speakers to go with your existing Goal Zero products, now is the time. You’ll not only get the products you need and want, but you’ll help restore power to those who need it most.
Hurry! Program ends November 15th.
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I think the granola looks good a lttile dry though, I love that there are now more options for food storage available. I tried a few things and love them. Looking forward to trying some more!

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