Give the Gift of Gear: for Techies Remember our super helpful gift list for the hunter in your life? Well, the emergency preparedness elves have put together another convenient set of suggestions for you, just in time for more holiday shopping. Today we present… Great Gifts for Your Gadget Geek Under $25: Flashlight? Check. Nightlight? Got one. LED flashlight with a charging station that doubles as a nightlight and automatically senses a power failure? Hold the phone! That’s right, the Sensor Deluxe Power Failure Light stays plugged in, turns on its nightlight function when the lights in the room go out, and switches to flashlight mode when it detects a break in the circuit. It doesn't get much cooler than Artificial Intelligence flashlights, am I right? And speaking of light, no technophile worth his vintage Atari would be caught dead without the most powerful LED headlamp around. You gotta leave those thumbs free! Under $50: Sometimes it’s the gadget that’s cool, and sometimes it’s the gadget that powers the gadget that’s cool. Support your geekie giftee’s tech habits by providing the gift of free energy with the Nomad 7M Solar Panel. These Goal Zero panels are a screaming deal and can charge just about any device with just a sunny day. Under $100: Dance party time. No plug? No problem. With a phone or iPod and these battery-powered, portable Goal Zero Rock-Out speakers, your gadget geek will become a wilderness DJ extraordinare. And with 20 hours of battery life, you can party all night! And for the geek-chic-est item in our catalogue: the Kaito Voyager Pro, a device with so many functions, we don’t even know what to call it! Radio, flashlight, alarm clock, and weather monitor. Featuring battery, solar, hand crank power, with USB and electrical plug-ins, you really can fulfill just about any gadget fantasy with this baby. Over $100: Judging by the tech types in my own family, what really gets them excited is new ways use technology to improve anything. So, how about technologically enhanced water? Yeah, I’m feelin’ that, too. The UltraViolet Purification and Solar Combo combines the solar energy of the Nomad 7M Solar Panel with the rechargeable SteriPen Ultra UV water filter to make sure you have pure drinking water any time. Take advantage of this special combo just during the holidays! Do you have any other suggestions for our elves? What are you getting the gadget geek on your list this year? And don’t forget to check back in for more helpful ideas for all your gifting needs! --Stacey
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