This blog post is one in a series leading up to the Great Utah ShakeOut. Click here for more information or here to register for the ShakeOut.
The Great Utah Shakeout is over, and it was a huge success! Over 900,000 people participated in the state-wide earthquake drill, making it the largest in the state's history. Over the past week, we prepared several great articles to help you prepare for, survive and recover from the quake. If you missed any, check them out and get working on your plan for earthquake preparedness. We snapped a few pictures at our corporate office of the shakeout. Check them out below: Tyson, hiding with his stock pile of snacks

He would be safer if he were on all fours, with his hands covering his head.

Replace shelter wherever you can. And if there is room for another person, let them in!

Our trustworthy assembly staff, evacuating the building post-quake.

Someone forgot to tell him it was only an earthquake drill...

How was the Earthquake drill for you? Learn anything interesting? Let us know all about your experience in the comments.

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Thanks. Those are all great to go in the pantry!

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