I'm not a survivalist, just your average person, an office worker with a husband and two dogs. We live near the Cascade mountain range in Washington State so volcanoes, earthquakes ... are always a possibility. But what hits us most often are ice storms in the winter. It will start raining and slowly start to freeze so the ice builds up and weighs heavily on all the plants and trees. In such a heavily treed part of the country, this means a lot of branches or whole trees falling down, translating into power outages that can last ... several days.

We do try to do little things to stock up just in case. Extra water and dog food are always on hand, as are a stock of canned goods and my trusty P38 can opener. One thing I won't live without, though, are light sticks. I remember growing up with flashlights and the batteries were always dead or dying right when you needed them.

About three years ago I started buying light sticks from Emergency Essentials at BePrepared.com. I had purchased a few from other vendors and they were of very poor quality. The ones I got from Emergency Essentials were bright, long lasting, and actually useful in an emergency. Once I realized this I purchased more to keep in our cars, by the bed and other strategic places, even in my desk drawer at work. My next step was to share the wealth. I bought 100, along with some other items like burn cream packets, matches, emergency whistles, etc. I packed them all into kits for Christmas presents for our closest friends. They of course looked at me like I was nuts. That was until winter and the power went out and they had light as well as all the other goodies I'd given them in their little kits!

I continue to buy more but occasionally I come across one of the originals I bought. They still glow brightly and for maximum duration. Hurray! to Emergency Essentials for carrying quality merchandise we can rely on during difficult times.

Thank You
Cindy from Washington State

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