Kelly Kettle combo - Stainless Steel

A few weeks ago, we purchased a Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Base Camp. This purchase was made after many trips to the store to look at it, and some hours spent researching it on the internet. We purchased the kit, which includes the kettle, pot stand, cooking set and fire starter. Our main purpose for the purchase was to use it for camping and hiking. We take many day trips, and it’s perfect for heating the water for camp meals or coffee. The first time we used it on our back patio, just to try it out. We boiled water in about 4 minutes, which I thought was awesome, considering the fact we were using the kettle in a blocked area, with not a lot of airflow. After using it just once, you realize just how amazing this product is. The great thing about it is you don’t have to carry any special type of fuel. All you have to do is round up some sticks and twigs and you’re ready to go. We have access to pine cones, so we use small ones. Not only is it good fuel, but it smells great too. After using the Kelly Kettle, and thinking about it a bit, I realized that it has many uses other than just camping. Earlier this summer, an auto accident caused the power to go out at our home for about 24 hours. Now, we have electric appliances, so, making meals during this time required some creativity. If we would have had the kettle, we could have easily made emergency meals since we keep them around for camping and hiking trips. When hiking, you can also get your water from a lake or stream, especially if you carry a water filter system as we do. Not to mention you are boiling the water anyway. This will save you from packing water around. Give the Kelly Kettle a try; it’s an awesome product. Jeff W, UT
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