We recently moved to Salt Lake City from Nebraska. We have purchased online from Emergency Essentials, and love the fact that we can go to a retail store. We purchased several MREs from one of the scratch and dent sales. We also purchased heaters to go along with them. We love to mountain bike, hike, walk, and just enjoy the outdoors. Couple hiking on a trail On one of our recent hikes in the mountains, we took along a couple of the MREs. We stopped along the way, and spread out our blanket, made some coffee with our ultra-light stove, and cooked the MREs. They were wonderful and tasted awesome. They were also light and took up very little space in the backpack. The heaters also served a dual purpose. We were able to utilize them to heat up water to clean up our utensils and coffee pot. MREs with MRE Heaters MREs are easy to pack for a mountain bike excursion, as they take up so little space in a bike bag or hip pack. You can stop anywhere along a trail and have a meal, giving yourself the energy and nutrition to continue. Light weight, convenient, tasty, multi-purpose, and easy to pack. So many benefits from such a small and inexpensive product. One other benefit of the MREs is that you can use the box that they are in to light a fire if necessary. The box and plastic sleeve that is left over are easy to pack out and clean-up is simple. It is really hard to believe that these things can taste so good, considering it is a pre-packaged food product. We will continue to purchase MREs and use them in our adventures. I am sure we will discover new uses for them as time goes on. Jeff and Sherry, UT
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MREs are indeed a great product, just be careful because they are not very healthy. They are loaded with fat and sodium, and all that can be processed just fine with strenuous activity, as long as plenty of water goes down with them. I wouldn’t recommend them for leisurely walks, or hikes less than five miles.

Just be sure to tailor your food to the activity, and keep eyes on those ingredients and nutrition labels!

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