Did you know Halloween is this Wednesday? Of course you did! Here are some tips to help you prepare for Halloween in advance.
- Make a plan. Plan a trick-or-treating route ahead of time and stick to it. Designate a meet-up point in case you get separated. Ideally, this meet-up point would be the home of someone you trust who lives along your route.
- Review basic safety with your children. Halloween is an exciting time for kids and they may forget to do simple things like looking both ways before crossing the street and avoiding strangers. Be sure to inspect candy before eating it. You can Replace a detailed list of Halloween safety tips at http://www.cdc.gov/family/halloween/.
- Make sure children are visible. Have your children carry flashlights. Attach lightsticks or reflective tape to costumes to make them more visible. Lightsticks are also a great alternative to candles in Jack-o-lanterns. They come in lots of colors for a fun twist on your typical Halloween decorations.
- Carry body warmers in case the weather turns cold in your area. These handy heating packs are small, safe, and easy to use. Put them in pockets, shoes and gloves or use adhesive types under costumes.
Have a great weekend and have a safe and happy Halloween.

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