By Angie Sullivan It’s the holiday season and you are at home cooking and celebrating, or out and about on fun adventures. Whatever you’re doing, don’t forget your first aid kit because sometimes there are hazards that come with the holidays! I don’t know what it is about having everyone over for the holidays, but it seems pretty inevitable in our family that someone is going to get hurt. It’s sounds terrible, but it’s true! Whether it’s a burn from baking cookies in the oven, a cut from a broken Christmas light bulb, or even just a bump or bruise from the kids wrestling together, you’re bound to need a good first aid kit around. What would be in good first aid kit? Well, you first need to decide what type of kit you are creating. I have several different kinds of kits in my home. I always carry a small pocket first aid kit in my purse for those little paper cuts or other “owies” my four year old is bound to get while we’re out and about during the day. I keep a first aid kit in our car, and one in our boat which are a little more comprehensive and have extra items specific to those circumstances. Finally, in my medicine closet I house our most extensive kit, one that I could take with me in an emergency. Speaking of emergencies, a small first aid kit in each emergency kit is essential too! Now that you know the type of kit you are making, start with the very basics and continue to add to the kit until you feel it is sufficient for what you are using it for. The first aid kit in my purse has not only bandages, antiseptic wipes, and antibacterial ointment, but I also include pain reliever, stomach pills, wet wipes, and even a set of tweezers (we’re always getting slivers at the park!). When I stock first aid for my transportation kits, I add a few additional items. I like putting in bug spray, sun block, burn gel, small scissors, and even a few ice and heat packs. I also think an ace bandage and an arm sling are a good idea. My comprehensive first aid kit houses a few specific items that I’ve found can be helpful. I’ve add vinyl gloves, splints, larger bandages and gauze pads. I also tuck in medical tape and additional specialized bandages like knuckle, spot, and fingertip bandages. You might want to consider what medications are essential for your family. My children have a tendency toward ear infections, so having extra children’s ibuprofen and Benadryl on hand is essential for us. I often experience stomach discomfort, so a sufficient supply of antacids in important too. Above all, one of the most important items you should put in your first aid kit is a good first aid booklet. Having the knowledge of how to provide proper treatment is the best preparedness you can have. Take some time out of your wrapping and baking to put together some good first aid kits for your family. You will be grateful to have it should your family experience any holiday hazards!
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