Super Bowl XLVII is just around the corner. Here’s a list of 47 ways that we think prepping relates to the Super Bowl. (Be sure to click on the links.)
  1. Nawlins is ready, are you?
  2. Prepping, like Super Bowl 47, is a family affair.
  3. Modify one of these checklists to prep for your Super Bowl Party.
  4. Check the weather report.
  5. Check the hurricane status.
  6. Make sure you don’t run out of meat on game day.
  7. How to watch the game if the electricity goes out.
  8. Have back up tuned and ready to go.
  9. Cook up a mean Shrimp Jambalaya.
  10. Or Creole Corn Casserole.
  11. Superpails for the Super Bowl.
  12. Stay warm during the tailgate parties.
  13. Paracord for your own Harbaugh “Do Not Cross” line.
  14. To complete your outfit as Sourdough Sam click here and here.
  15. Make some noise for your team.
  16. Blind the guys cheering for the other team.
  17. For just about everything. Including opening cans and bottles.
  18. To get into the mood: New Orleans Flavored Rice with Shrimp and Ham.
  19. If you run out of your famous Tuna Casserole click here.
  20. Cause you’ll want flavor.
  21. So he’ll never have to leave the TV.
  22. Happy toes, happy Super Bowl.
  23. So that you can pretend you’re in the stadium. Even though it’s a superdome.
  24. To help you feel like a real 49er.
  25. Mountain House Chili Mac. ‘Nuff said.
  26. If you run out while making your Super Killer Double-Decker Bowl Brownies.
  27. Black Bean Brownies. Sounds weird but he’ll eat anything today.
  28. If your Poe costume needs wings.
  29. Because people will be thirsty.
  30. Because people will be really thirsty.
  31. Easiest Bowl food ever.
  32. Know what to do if the levees break.
  33. When you root for your team are you more this or this?
  34. In case a fight breaks out.
  35. ‘Cause the hospital will be busy.
  36. For marking your house as the Ravensdome.
  37. For those rooting for the 49ers.
  38. For the day after.
  39. When your trash talk gets you burned.
  40. Just in case a rival “accidentally” drops yours in the toilet.
  41. For when you lose that bet and they make you drink something weird.
  42. It ain’t over till the Spicy Refried Bean Dip is gone.
  43. Spouse cheering for the other team = you sleeping on couch? Have this on hand.
  44. Because you never know who’s going to lose it.
  45. Cause it bites and stings when your team loses.
  46. For when your spouse passes out from joy. Or agony.
  47. Parting gift for the losing team’s wounded hearts.

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