Do you know about Emergency Essentials’ Inventory Reduction Sale? It’s summertime and we’re ready to make some space in our warehouse, not to mention give you another great reason to shop for emergency supplies and food storage. You’ll want to save your time for shopping so I’ll make this quick. Here are three highlights from our sale: Save 58% on Provident Pantry’s Freeze-Dried Salmon. I made Salmon Burgers with this salmon and let me tell you, this freeze-dried fish is tasty! Normally it sells for $50.95, but as part of our Inventory Reduction Sale you can get it for $20.99. And if you buy six or more #10 cans you can get it for $19.99 each! We don’t carry this product year-round, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. (Note: this product hasn't quite reached our warehouse yet, so although the website says "backordered," for the time being it's actually on "pre-order" status, so call and reserve your cans today!) Our Premium 2000 Year Supply of Food Storage is on a special sale this month. Putting this combo together from individual cans would cost $3359.33; you can get the 168-can combo this June for the sale price of $2599.99. That’s more than $750 of savings! Freeze-Dried Tomatoes from Provident Pantry are something no food storage supply should be without. You can use freeze-dried tomatoes in sooo many ways (click here for ideas) and at 40% off, this bargain shouldn’t be passed up. Maybe this will make it a little more clear: this is a $43.95 value that you’ll be getting for $25.99. Or call your friends, order together, and get it for $24.79 if you buy six or more! Be sure to check out the items we’ve put on sale for Father’s Day. There are SO many great deals and they’re going to sell fast. (Pssst… here’s a tip. Check out the Ridgeway Hydration Pack by Kelty. We have very limited quantities and they’re on sale for $59.99, a $100 value. Quantities are so limited that we’re not even posting this on our website. Look in your catalog and call our Customer Service reps to get one! If there are any left, that is…)
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I\‘ve got a thumb drive with a TrueCrypt encrypted foeldr on it that contains scanned copies of important documents hanging off my keychain. Started doing that after an apartment fire a few years back. I was lucky in that I threw on my pants that still contained my wallet, keys, and money. A number of folks in the building weren\’t so lucky and were having to deal with going through paperwork without identification.Remember, a disaster isn\‘t always wide spread. Many times, you\’re dealing with something local enough that a usable computer is easy to find.

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