Hey team! Check out our January group specials below. In our first group special of 2013 you’ll save 30-45% off regular prices PLUS free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. We’re here to help you get your food storage off to a great start!
Freeze Dried Tomato – Save 45%
$24.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $43.95.
Toss a handful of these tasty tomato chunks into a veggie omelet, or simmer some to perfection in a pot of your own homemade chili or vegetable soup. No matter how you use them, these tender freeze dried tomato chunks add even more possibilities to your food storage. Each can has a net weight of 4 oz.
$14.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $22.75.
For baking needs, or simply for spreading on a fresh slice of bread. Butter powder offers flavor and convenience to your food storage. Each can has a net weight of 34 oz.
Low-FatCinnamon Almond Granola EvriDay™ 7 lb Bag – Save 39%
$20.00 each when 6 bags are purchased together. Regular price: $32.95.
This granola is a morning favorite when combined with freeze-dried fruits, as topping on a cobbler, or as a tasty trail mix. For emergency preparedness it is a useful storage food for a quick energy boost right out of the bag. Packaged for long-term storage it comes in a re-sealable, metalized 7-lb. bag.
60 cents each when 80 warmers are purchased together. Regular price $1.00.
In cold weather, hands and feet often feel the effects of the chill first. With the 18-hour Hand and Body Warmers, you can add comfort to chili days and nights and protects yourself from injury and frostbite.
So those are the group specials for January 2013. Orders for Group items should be placed by January 24, 2013. If you meet the minimum purchase requirement for one group item, shipping is free. To learn more about the Group Program click here for all the program details.
Happy grouping!
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