Know your Avalanche Safety

With winter sprinting towards us, all sorts of backcountry activities race to the front of our minds—skiing, sledding, snowshoeing . . . Although sparkling, fresh snow presents a gorgeous landscape, it can also lead to destructive (and deadly) avalanches. “When it comes to avalanche safety, the statistics are grim. Skiers and snowmobilers are the most likely to suffer an avalanche fatality. The odds of survival, if you get completely buried, are less than 30%. After 15 minutes, your chances of rescue drop significantly.” Check out our Insight Article Avalanche Safety to learn of three crucial avalanche safety “tools” you can’t carry with you, but that you’ll need in the great outdoors. Love winter outings and snow-filled fun? Check out these additional articles for tips to keep you prepared and safe: Winter Camping (and Other Signs of Insanity) /blog/10584/winter-camping-and-other-signs-of-insanity/ Staying Warm in the Outdoors /insight/7142/staying-warm-in-the-outdoors/ Kim
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