The Group Program is a way for family, friends and neighbors to work together to obtain discounts on items relating to home storage and emergency preparedness. Each group has two parts:

  1. The Group Leader is the person in the group who shares the information and coordinates the order for the group. The Group Leader needs to be someone who is organized and enjoys serving others. They collect the money from the group and place the order with Emergency Essentials®. When the order is shipped it will ship to the Group Leader's address unless specified otherwise. The Group Leader receives the specials through a monthly mailed packet and email (if available).
  2. A Group Member is any individual with whom the Group Leader shares the monthly Group Specials. When Group Members are added to our database they receive the group specials information directly each month through our monthly sales flier and email (if available).

March is a great month for food storage! Check out our amazing Group Specials!

Freeze-Dried Tomato Chunks

Toss a handful of these tasty tomato chucks into a veggie omelet, or simmer some to perfection in a pot of your own homemade chili or vegetable soup. No matter how you use them these, tender freeze-dried tomato chunks add even more possibilities to your food storage. Each can contains 5 oz. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive discount.

MRE Drink Mix Combo

Specifically designed for on-the-go-situations, these drink mixes are a perfect fit to compliment any meal. With 9 flavors and 3 of each flavor included, these drinks are ideal for large families looking for variety. At least 10 combos must be purchased to receive discount.

Freeze-Dried Chopped Spinach

Spinach is a powerhouse vegetable that maintains much of its nutritional value so it is a healthy option when added to your favorite soups and stew. Great in lasagna, omelets and dips! Each can contains 6 oz. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive discount.

Chopped Onions

Season your favorite meals with ease using real chopped onions. These conveniently chopped onions can be used in place of onions in virtually any recipe. They are excellent in stir-fry, soups, stews and even salsa. Each can contains 30 oz. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive discount.

Which group item are you most excited to try?


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