May Group Specials
If you've been tirelessly looking all winter for great deals on preparedness items for the spring and summer months, look no further. Our May Group specials will add versatility and vivacity to your food storage supplies. Group orders qualify for free shipping when the minimum purchase amounts are met. Just check out what our May Group specials have to offer: Freeze-Dried Miniature Meatballs Prepared and packaged for long-term storage, enjoy these succulent beef and chicken meatballs now or in years to come. Simply re-hydrate to restore the original flavor, size, and texture. Use them in pasta dishes or in a sub sandwich. This delicious addition to your food storage can be purchased for $23.00 each (48% off of the regular price of $44.95) when you buy 6 or more.

Freeze Dried Mini Meatballs

Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel-4oz. Bottle Specifically made for cooling, soothing, and providing instant pain relief to a burn related injury, BurnFree gel is an essential for any first-aid kit and provides amazing results. Take the gel with you on your next camping trip or store it in any place where a burn can happen. This product is originally priced at $4.95 each, but with your group savings, you can purchase this preparedness essential for $3.00 a bottle. That is 39% off its regular price. At least 24 bottles much be purchased to receive this discount. Stock up and share them with friends!

MF-B515 BurnFree 4 oz. GelTomato Powder

If you love to make sauces, soups, or juices, you have to try our Provident Pantry Tomato Powder. This excellent addition to your food storage will provide you with nutrition, rich flavor and color to spice up your meals. The best part?—there are no additives or preservatives! By purchasing 12 cans, you can receive a 30% discount from the regular price. Just $16.00 per can (regularly priced at $22.95 each).

Tomato Powder

Instant White Rice White rice perfectly complements many meals. Use this dehydrated food as a side dish, in a casserole, or in a dessert. Our instant white rice is packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this delicious side item now or years from now. This item can be purchased for $8.00 per can! That is 27% off the regular price of $10.95. At least 12 cans must be purchased to receive this discount.

Instant White Rice

Eight Pack Utility Flame Gel Packets Have you ever been on a camping trip and just couldn’t get the fire to start? Well, with our Utility Flame Gel packets, you can get that fire started, your family fed, and your toes warmed in half the time. This non-toxic fire-starting gel is reliable and produces no smoke or odor. It doesn’t evaporate, freeze or melt, and it’s water soluble. Utility flame gel is an ideal accessory to have in any climate that you may camp in. Simply tear open the package, squeeze out the gel, and light it. The byproducts are only water, sand and carbon dioxide, meaning that there is no mess to clean up. If you buy at least ten 8-packs, you can receive a 28% discount. That means you’ll only pay $10 for each 8-pack instead of paying the regular price of $14.00.

Utility Flame Gel

Our group program is an excellent way for families, friends, and neighbors to work together to obtain incredible discounts on a variety of preparedness items. If you’d like more information on how our group program works, check out our group programs page for all the details. Be on the look-out each month for more amazing savings through our Group Specials program!
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A good reminder to all of us about the ECONOMIC beefnit of pre-planning. I have a few acquaintances who have helped their families through over 2 YEARS of joblessness with their long-term home food storage. Check out !



That’s great! Every general coercfenne I try to switch out my emergency kits to update it and replace food and clothes… didn’t get that done this weekend. Should do it, so thanks for the motivation!

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