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I’m a new copywriter/blog editor at Emergency Essentials and I’m pretty enthusiastic about prepping. My parents have always followed the core principles of preparedness, like staying out of debt and keeping food storage. My dad toughened up his kids by taking us hiking and camping, making us sleep on the ground (UGH!) and feeding us MREs. I’ve learned a lot of habits and skills from them. Every summer I would spend a week in the mountains learning bush craft like lashing, fire building, cooking, first aid, and orienteering. (Incidentally, even though Sarah’s an Urban Girl now, she did this too.)

I’ve lived in Honduras where I took bucket baths, India where the electricity went out frequently, and Bulgaria where people lived off their summer canning. I’m no stranger to thriving in a difficult environment. I’m interested in gadgets and gizmos, delicious food, and eco-conscious approaches to life, so I’ll likely be blogging about the coolest (and latest) prepper technology, recipes and rotating your food storage, and how to recycle-reuse-reduce.

I love post-apocalyptic movies and books – not because I enjoy disaster, but because I LOVE the ingenuity that humans show during tough times. I know that the stories are fictional, so that’s why I’m eager to hear more of your first-hand experiences. I think problem solving and coming up with low-tech, affordable solutions is exciting.

Having said all that, when I finally built up my food storage a couple of years ago, I ended up with 4 cases of tuna, a three-year supply of personal toiletries, 5 gallons of water, a tarp, a mosquito net, and 25 feet of rope.

I have a lot to learn.

Stay posted to read about things that I learn, cool stuff that I Replace, and other emergency essentials. I want your input so don’t hesitate to comment on posts!

Looking forward to our interaction,



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