Did you know we now offer some of the most popular Mountain House® entrée pouches in Classic and Essential Assortment buckets? They're pretty new, and they're on sale this month!
These buckets offer an assortment of Mountain House meal pouches at a great value. They also allow you to open only the number of servings you need immediately and keep the rest sealed for future use. The pouches have a shelf-life of 25 years if stored properly, and the bucket makes them easy to store, stack, and transport.
On the 8th I received this email from Dawn in Oklahoma with her thoughts on one of the Mountain House® Assortment buckets:
I love the new Mountain House Essential bucket. I was planning on putting together just such a bucket for my grown kids for Christmas this year. They are in their 20's and don't realize yet how important it is to be prepared for any emergency that comes along.
I had already bought them the water/sanitation boxes from Emergency Essentials and had started collecting hand warmers, matches, candles, 1st aid and such. This makes the rest of my shopping so easy. I'll also save a lot of money off the per pouch price and I won't have to purchase a bucket to put it all in as it comes in one. What wonderful timing on the part of Emergency Essentials to have these just before the holidays so we can give such a great gift to all of our loved ones that are not as well prepared.
Shopping with Emergency Essentials is so easy and delivery is always quick. I have always had the best service when dealing with this company.
Dawn W. in Oklahoma
Have you considered purchasing one of the Mountain House® Assortment buckets for yourself or as a gift? Have you already purchased one? We’d love to hear your feedback.
Thanks, Dawn!
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