Don’t miss out on this month’s Group Specials. Purchasing these items for a quantity discount means you can save from 26% to 46% off regular prices. Buy just one special item as a group, or buy them all! As long as you meet the minimum purchase requirement for one group item, you’ll get FREE shipping on the whole order!
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Mountain House Apple Dices (NEW!) – Save 46%
$12.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $22.50.
Enjoy the crisp, delicious flavor of apples right out of the can, or use them in your favorite recipes. Great to add to trail mix, cereal, smoothies, muffins, and quick breads. Each can contains 8 ounces.
MRE Dessert Variety Combo – Save 41%
$10.00 each when 12 combos are purchased together. Regular price: $16.99.
Enjoy delicious desserts in your food storage without lifting a finger in the kitchen. This MRE combo includes 14 assorted desserts in the following varieties:
-Carrot cake
-Oatmeal cookies
-Marble pound cake
-Spice pound cake
-Vanilla pound cake
-Kreamsicle cookie (NEW!)
Mobile Washer – Save 26%
$11.00 each when 8 washers are purchased together. Regular price: $14.95.
Get your clothes clean without electricity! The Mobile Washer’s design helps push and pull water through clothes, getting them clean with minimal water. All you need is the washer and a bucket to get started. Don’t let a power outage or other emergency keep you from staying clean. With the Mobile Washer anyone can take care of the laundry in a crisis.
Carrot Slices (NEW!) – Save 30%
$8.00 each when 12 cans are purchased together. Regular price: $11.50.
Add the vibrant color, flavor, and valuable nutrients to your food storage with carrot slices. Ideal for use in stews, soups, salads, or as a side dish. Each can contains 28 ounces.
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