By Angie Sullivan You are headed on a fun and greatly anticipated journey. Maybe you are excited, enthralled by every turn in the road and every bump along the highway to your destination. You would consider yourself to be well prepared, complete with your detailed itinerary in hand, and your passport ready. You know just what landmarks you want to see and how to reach them with your GPS or map. You know exactly what your expenses will be, and you’ve got the funds you need to get you there. You’ve actually taken this trip many times and you know the familiar road beneath your feet and returning again is a pleasure. But maybe, you are nothing like that. Maybe you are dreading this trip. Maybe you are wishing someone else could go in your place. Perhaps you are even unsure of where your final destination should be. As a matter of fact, you are only certain of one thing, the fact that you don’t have what you need to get there. You’re bags are practically empty. What should you pack? You have absolutely no idea. You don’t even know if there are landmarks you should be visiting. You are unaware of the pitfalls and wrong turns that you may be susceptible of making, this being your first trip. The road ahead looks desolate and intimidating to an unaccomplished traveler like yourself. You feel lost before you even take that first step. You might imagine that these people have chosen to vacation in Europe, or maybe they’re headed on a dreaded business trip. Actually, neither of these people are visiting a destination on a map. These people are both on their journey to Preparedness. I know what you are thinking, you see the parallel in the examples and you recognize these two people I’ve spoken about. If you are like most of us, you probably envy the first traveler, the one who seems to have already reached the “destination” of Preparedness. They get a gleam in their eye when they talk about buckets of wheat and canned goods, they are enthralled by water purification methods, and they seem all too willing to spend an extended period of time in a sleeping bag. If you are like me, you feel more like the second chap. You know you need to get to the Land of Preparedness, you feel drawn to make the trip, but you have absolutely no idea where to start. You have no concept of how long it will take you, nor how much of a dent it will put in your pocketbook. And let’s be honest, you prefer to sleep a few feet above the floor! Here you remain, frozen in place on your doorstep, with a map that you Replace too complicated to understand tucked in your back pocket. You’ve hastily thrown a few random items in a duffle bag with absolutely no courage to step off the stoop and begin. What you need are two things. First, you need a travel companion. Someone to help you along in your journey, share a little of the stress, and enjoy the journey with you. You need a friend to hold your hand and a shoulder to lean on. Then, you need a Travel Agent. Someone who has access to helpful information, tips, and who has the ability to help map out your agenda! You need a guide who is available to help you navigate this intimidating journey into what might as well be a foreign land! Well, my friends, I’m willing to be that travel companion you need. Now, I can’t promise that I know everything about where we are going, nor can I make all the decisions for you. But, I am willing to go on this journey with you and maybe take a turn at peeking at that map! Now all we need to get us to Destination Preparedness is that Travel Agent, a guide in the field. Well, that’s where Emergency Essentials, Inc. comes in. They are a trusted company that has been working to help people prepare for 22 years now! Are you ready to contact your Travel Guide? Well, one of the easiest and quickest ways to get on the road is from the comfort of your own computer! Emergency Essential’s website, has a myriad of information right at your fingertips! You will Replace hundreds of products, insightful articles, a weekly e-mail you can subscribe to full of extra savings and information, a preparedness blog, and even a “Food Storage Analyzer” to help you navigate your journey. This amazing tool will help you actually know what you have and what you can add to your storage to take care of your individual needs! (Stay tuned for more about The Food Storage Analyzer later!) This website will be an excellent source of direction! Give it a try! Maybe there are some of you out there who aren’t quite ready to navigate the internet. You’re more interested in brochures and magazines about your destination. You would rather peruse the printed page, perhaps get an idea of what’s out there and how things look. Emergency Essentials' free catalog can be ordered simply by visiting, or by calling toll-free, 1-800-999-1863. You will receive a 50+ page catalog chock full of color pictures accompanied by detailed information for you to glean, page by page. This monthly catalog is complete with specials, amazing sales, and even opportunities for discounts when you order with a group! Would you prefer speaking to someone, one on one? The well trained staff at Emergency Essentials is poised and ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Are you feeling like you’ve already lost your place on the map? Don’t worry, the helpful Customer Service Representatives will be put you back on track! So, if you would prefer a conversation with a caring and knowledgeable Preparedness Guide who can help you get on the road to preparing you and your loved ones for the future, don’t hesitate to call and speak to a representative at that same toll free number: 1-800-999-1863! Now is the perfect time to pick up that trusty suitcase and move forward to your destination! Oh, and I’ll be here too. I plan on walking you through a few things, learning as I go, just as you will. We’ll discover the wonderful, yet sometimes intimidating, road to Preparedness together. Also, don’t forget you’ve now got the contact information for that amazing Preparedness Guide who will be helping you along the way. We’re on this journey together! You’ve got your Passport to Preparedness, a friend to lean on, and best of all the help from a trusted name in the Preparedness Industry, Emergency Essentials!
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