Here is a recent tip to help you when mixing your Powdered Eggs:

"...these eggs require a lot of mixing to get rid of the lumps. Easy fix - put the powder and water in a screw-top plastic container and shake them. No lumps! And the shaking process traps some little air bubbles which makes the eggs even lighter. Bonus!"

Tim, Washington

Our Whole Egg Powder and Scrambled Egg Mix are on sale during the month of May. Click on the images below for more information:



Rob B

Rob B

These eggs are great! My wife cringed at the idea of powered eggs so I made scrambeled eggs last this week using them and she couldn't tell the difference! These will become a regular item in our pantry.



I recently started using Powdered Eggs. I have used them for baking and eating. I have to say…..I LOVE them. No more worrying about using up the eggs before they go bad! And if you want to do some last minute baking…….no running out to get eggs!

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