Power Outage in east coast leaves almost one million without power

After severe snow and ice storms ushered in Tuesday night by Winter Storm Nika, there were around a million households and businesses without power in the Northeast US on Wednesday Pennsylvania was the hardest hit, with between 650,000 and 800,000 customers without power, as reported by The Weather Channel and Yahoo News, respectively. The Weather Channel also reports that Nika and the resulting snow, ice, and chaos contributed to nine deaths and more than 2,800 grounded flights from Tuesday night into Wednesday. The storm dissipated early Wednesday morning, but thousands still remain without power. It's anticipated that power outages could last well into the weekend. If you needed another reminder to get some emergency backup power, heat, and lighting options, this is it. Check out the articles and products we offer than can help you get through a situation like this with your sanity (and your safety) intact: Winter Survival Articles and Tips Warmth and Heating Backup Lighting Emergency Power Sources: Photo Courtesy of Yahoo News and Reuters http://news.yahoo.com/almost-1-million-customers-lose-power-u-northeast-201333880--sector.html http://www.weather.com/news/commuter-conditions/winter-storm-nika-latest-news-20140203

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