By Angie Sullivan With a few handy emergency tools, even with the power out, you can be powered up! Being without power during an emergency can be not only inconvenient, but it can also prevent you from using some of your most essential tools. Many of us have flashlights and radios stored for an emergency, but what good are these items without the batteries to go with them? Storing extra batteries is a great idea, but batteries do have a shelf-life, and should be tested and rotated. Checking your batteries twice is year is often recommended. If you don’t want to be worried about dead batteries, consider a battery charger. A solar battery charger uses the power of the sun to juice up rechargeable batteries, which you can easily Replace in an electronic or superstore. Not only would this be much more convenient than Replaceing and replacing all your batteries regularly, it would also be an investment that paid off in the years to come. In addition to the solar battery charger, many other electronics can be found solar powered. Be on the lookout for solar flashlights, radios, and other essentials. If you would like the convenience of being able to plug in your electronics, consider a power generator. The Power Dome EX is a handy generator that stores energy. You plug it in and then the energy is available when you need it. It works well on the go and can be used to power anything you need to plug in, and it even has cables to jump your car. You can also purchase a power charger, the Goal0 Nomad 7M, that uses solar power. Just set it up in the sun and it’s ready to power anything from a laptop to a lamp! Gas powered generators are the next available resource if you want to keep your family powered up. The Honeywell Generator with Inverter HW2000i is a handy gasoline generator. It runs on gasoline and can provide a reliable source of power for any appliances or electronics you wish up to 2000 watts. Take advantage of the wonderful new technology available to help you stay powered up when the power’s out!
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