Winter is here, is your vehicle ready? While it is important to be prepared for vehicle emergencies year round, the winter months pose unique challenges. The drop in temperature, often accompanied by ice and snow, can turn inconvenient experiences like breaking down, being stranded or waiting for assistance to arrive into hazardous situations. By planning ahead and preparing, you can minimize the danger and discomfort.

Start by building an Emergency Car Kit. Remember to include things like books or paper and pencils to keep children entertained or to leave notes if necessary. Always let someone know where you are going and when you intend to arrive. Keep the gas tank at least half-full at all times.

Roadwise™ Emergency Kit

If you break down, DO NOT leave your car. It is the best shelter you can have in a winter storm. If you have a cell phone, call for assistance. While you are stuck and if you are able to start the car, run the engine for about ten minutes every hour to use the heater. Make sure you crack a window on the side away from the wind to get fresh air. Periodically check to make sure your tail pipe is not blocked by snow or other objects. If you Replace an obstruction, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, you should clear it before engaging the engine.

Ice can freeze your vehicle doors shut or they could become jammed by a collision. Therefore, as soon as severe weather warnings are issued, move selected emergency items inside the vehicle. Keep a hammer, Samurai survival tool, or a small pry bar inside your car to pry yourself free from a door jammed by a collision.

Another option is our new Auto Buddy™ Emergency Light and Tool. A must have tool in every vehicle, this light includes a window spike, seat belt cutter, LED flashlight, and flashing amber LED beacon. It also has a magnetic base for emergency mounting. Necessary for quick escapes or alerting attention when help is needed.

By being prepared, you can stay safe during your holiday and winter travels!


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