Is it just me, or has Preptember™ flown by once again? Pretty soon we’ll be taking down the water filtration tree and packing away those MRE wreaths. It’s as if the season gets shorter every year! But don’t let me put a damper on the festivities. We still have a few hours left to celebrate before the Preptember™ sales end tonight at midnight (Mountain Time).. In all your preparatory jubilation, don’t let these opportunities fall off the radar! You can see all the fabulous September sales here, but these are my favorites: Mountain House Super Sale is the absolute best deal out there! Today is the last day to order no. 10 cans of Mountain House brand freeze-dried entrees for 40-50% off the regular price. Both individual cans and combo packs are included in the sale, so stock up! Loads of big-ticket items are on sale as well. How about $50 off a Bosch mixer, $60 off a solar generator kit, or $80 off a Deluxe grain mill? Kits and packs can be an efficient way to get everything prepared in one go. Check out the sales on emergency kits as well as three, six, and and twelve-month food supplies at considerably reduced prices. Kelly Kettle combo - Stainless Steel The Kelly Kettle Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Combo (say that ten times fast) is not only on sale, it could be free! Check out the Kelly Kettle Combo giveaway before the contest ends (tonight at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time)! And remember, all orders over $150 get free shipping through the end of the day! Don’t wait! Brew up a little freeze-dried eggnog and make the most of the last days of Preptember™!

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