Check out these great tips from Vicky in Texas. She has a great guide for using Provident Pantry™ Tomato Powder. –Sarah

Product Number: FS V160

I really like this product. Had some trouble figuring out how to mix it at first. Now I use this guide.

Tomato Paste: 1part tomato powder to 2 parts water (6T. water + 3T. Powder = one 6oz can of Tomato Paste)

Tomato Sauce: 1part Powder to 4 parts water (1/2 cup Powder + 2cups water= one 15oz can)

Tomato Juice: 1 part Powder to 10 parts Water (8cups Water + 3/4 cup Powder= 64oz. bottle) *

Tomato Powder has no added salt. If you want these products to taste like the grocery store kinds you will need to add a small amount of salt (1/8 tsp per 1/2 cup of Tomato Powder) I add more seasonings and make my own Vegetable cocktail juice from it. Thanks for offering this product.

-Vicky, TX





I have used this tomato powder for years also. I love it. It has much better, and stronger, flavor then the canned stuff! I have found that it takes less of it to flavor something then the canned also, plus you get less sodium! When I use it for meatloaf topping I mix a little garlic and onion powder, plus a little pepper too. Makes a great homemade V8 type drink too, just grind whatever veggies you'd like in it, and maybe a dash of tabasco or what other flavoring you like. Then you can make it as thick or thin as you prefer.



I have used tomato powder for years. It is great added to soups, too. I just add it by the spoonful until I get the taste that suits me. Also, grind dh or fd onions, celery, parsley, etc in a spice mill & add to hot tomato juice. Yummy, yummy!!

Laura Kathryn

Laura Kathryn

Wow!! It was wonderful tips to prepare tomato paste, Tomato powder,tomato juice,It was really super tips to easily prepare this product through home.Thanks for sharing this tips.

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