By Angie Sullivan The New Year is right around the corner; discover a new type of resolution, a resolve to be ready! If you are like me, the New Year is bittersweet. There is something invigorating about starting off with a clean slate and creating a set of new ideas for running your life. Then there is the down side. Often, my New Year’s Resolutions tend to be overwhelming, self depreciating in nature, and I Replace myself two weeks into February and I can’t even remember what I decided to do. Several years ago I abandoned this theory of a “list” of resolutions and decided to choose one simple phrase to describe how I would try to use my year. I’ll give you a few examples. The first year my resolution was “Be Happy” and I spent that year learning how to Replace happiness in the most mundane of tasks. It was a success! I’ve since chosen to “Replace Beauty”, and most recently “Be at Peace”. These small resolutions have been simple, yet profound in their effect. I enjoyed more sunsets, laughed more with my children, even learned to be still and ponder instead of rushing through my day. I would like to suggest a simple phrase for you this New Year. Though it will definitely help you remember to work on your food storage, it can help in many areas of your life. Here it is: Be Prepared. What should you be prepared for? For whatever you decide you need! For me, this resolution will mean that I will not procrastinate the things that are most important for me. For example, I’m going to make sure that the school projects for my older daughters are done early, so I can be free to rock my youngest at night. In regards to preparedness, your goal to be prepared can influence your decisions throughout the year. Maybe you’ll decide to forgo that new sweater and instead put together a more comprehensive first aid kit instead. Or, you’ll dedicate one family night a month to preparedness. Maybe you’ll decide that you need to try out that emergency kit while camping this summer to be sure that it is properly supplied. Perhaps you will be more prepared by adding just one extra can of food to your grocery list each time you run in to buy a gallon of milk. The possibilities for you on a personal level are virtually limitless! Take a few moments during this holiday time to Replace a resolution that will bless your life in many ways. Maybe you too can resolve to “be prepared” and make it a daily part of your life, whether it be physical preparedness, or just a pledge to be aware of what your family really needs from you and be ready to provide that. With your readiness resolution, you might Replace that 2011 is your year to be prepared!
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