At this time of year as we spend time with our loved ones, let's remember those who will be sacrificing time with their own family and friends while they are away serving our country in the military. We are certainly aware of those serving at this time in the Middle East, and remember also those who serve in other locations around the world and here at home in the United States. We can show our appreciation for their service and their sacrifice, as well as our gratitude for the sacrifices made by their families, by sending cards and letters with words of support and encouragement, as well as useful gifts. Many things we may take for granted are much appreciated items and reminders of home for our service members.

Emergency Essentials offers products ideal for troops including batteries, blankets, hand sanitizer, first-aid supplies and hand and body warmers. We have MRE's, soup mix, seasonings, fruit drink mixes, lactose-free dairy drink mixes, and a great selection of energy bars. We even have freeze-dried ice cream!

Remember, some mailing restrictions exist. For example, those serving in the Middle East cannot receive pork or pork by-products; avoid sending things like canned bacon. You can check a specific military zip code for restrictions and also Replace more great care package suggestions at Operation Military Pride.

Additionally, the peace of mind that comes from knowing family members at home are being cared for is deeply appreciated. Show your gratitude for the family of a serviceman or woman by being sure they have a good supply of food and emergency items.

Be prepared this holiday season to show your appreciation!

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