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2019 was quite the year. The U.S. woman's national soccer team won the World Cup, the first picture of a black hole was taken, Baby Yoda, our economy continued to grow…talk about busy! resolution But there were other, less exciting things that happened as well. Severe wildfires scorched the country. Hurricane Dorian left devastation in its wake. Tornadoes. Flooding. Contaminated water. These are just a few of the disasters that left their marks on 2019. Other events such as job loss, accident, and injury also affected countless people. Perhaps you were one of those affected. Year after year, disasters come and life changing events alter the course of countless lives. You know they’re coming, but far too frequently planning is just a thought and the preparations don’t get done. Well, this year is different! This year, you’re going to make big strides in your emergency preparedness! But how, you ask, will you do that? Easy. Plan Planning in this sense is a verb, which means it involves action. Get out a pen and paper, your phone, tablet, white board, rock and chisel, or whatever it is you use to keep track of important things, and start writing down your emergency plan. resolutionYour emergency plan should include information regarding:
  • Evacuation plan
    • How will you get out of your home in an emergency?
  • Escape routes
    • What roads will be the safest to travel on?
  • 72 hour kit
    • Food, water, and other essential items to last you three days.
  • Emergency kits
    • For your home, car, and workplace.
Also, do a quick inventory of your emergency food storage. What foods do you need? Write those down and also make a plan of how to acquire what you need. Will you get it all at once, or will you need to spread it out over the year? Then make a plan for how and when you will get it all. Then, do the same thing with your emergency gear. Do Once your plan is set, follow it. Take some time tonight, during your next Saturday or day off to visit us online at or make a trip to the store to procure the items you need. If funds are tight, then your next day off may be too early, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting a little extra away each pay check. This way, you will be able to afford the emergency gear and food you need. Without saving, that may never happen. Repeat Preparing is a cycle. It doesn’t stop after a year or two or even ten. As the years progress, so do your needs. Food may need to be rotated and supplies may need to be restocked. New medications and prescriptions may have been added to your list as well. Reevaluate your emergency food storage and gear every six months to ensure all your prep is up to date and usable for when you need it. If you keep up with your preparedness regularly, replenishing won’t take long, and you’ll also receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared for whatever this next year brings. Make the resolution today to be prepared for tomorrow. Comment below how you plan to be prepared in 2020. Disaster_Blog_Banner resolution
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