Resolve to Sleep Well During an Emergency
Sleeping well during an emergency can get tricky. Sleeping is one of the body’s ways of rejuvenating, and good sleep is crucial to your well-being—especially in a crisis.
In order to sleep well you need to be comfortable, dry, and maintain a certain temperature, all of which can get tricky in an emergency. When you’re stuck outdoors it may be too cold or too hot for you to sleep comfortably – not to mention that you might be on a cot or the floor. To help you sleep better, add these solutions to your emergency kit.
Let’s start with the Sportsman Hooded Blanket/Poncho. This versatile item has a lot of features. One is that the blanket/poncho retains up to 90 percent of your body heat. In a situation where you’re outdoors in the cold, the Sportsman Hooded Blanket/Poncho will make a big difference in helping you stay warm.
Another feature of the Sportsman Hooded Blanket/Poncho is that it’s lightweight and unfolds to 72” by 72” so it’ll give you a lot of coverage. If you’re caught in the rain you can hang up the blanket/poncho as a shelter and keep yourself dry. Or let’s say that you’ve lost power and your home is overheated. Try hanging the blanket in front of a window, with the reflective side facing out. This will provide much needed shade and give you the chance to rest a little easier.
The Sportsman Hooded Blanket/Poncho has four layers—one of which is ASTROLAR® reinforcing fabric. This makes the blanket/poncho tear and puncture-resistant so you can rough it up and still be confident that it will see you through the night. Plus it’s on sale this month for $12.99.
Keeping a reliable sleeping bag on hand is a good idea—even for those whose idea of camping is a hotel. All of our sleeping bags work well for camping, so consider their other uses. A sleeping bag might make all the difference on a cold winter night if the utilities go out.
The Slumberjack line offers sleeping bags for a range of temperatures (rated for -20°, 0°, and 20° F). With draft tubes, collars, and hoods, these bags have what it takes to keep you warm in an emergency at home or in the outdoors.
Even when you don’t need the sleeping bag for warmth, it can come in handy as an extra layer of padding between you and the ground.
If you do have to sleep on the ground, you’ll want a sleeping pad. We have a handful of self-inflatable Therm-a-rest sleeping pads that are small, lightweight, and affordable. Therm-a-rest mattresses are designed with outdoorsmen in mind, so they’re durable and reliable. This portable mattress will also give you another layer of insulation from the cold. In any sort of situation where you’re forced to evacuate, you’ll be glad to have a Therm-a-rest in your emergency equipment.
It’s unlikely that in an emergency situation you’ll sleep as well as you would at home, but with the Sportsman Hooded Blanket/Poncho, the Slumberjack sleeping bags, or Therm-a-rest mattresses, we can help make that night a little more restful.
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