Is there someone in your life with special needs? Pay close attention and acquire the necessary medication and equipment to help them during an emergency. I take a daily medication for hypothyroidism. Most of the time, it is just a minor hiccup in my life, but without my daily medication, my life quickly becomes very hard. I’ve often thought about how grateful I am for my medication and wonder what I would do without it. Many of us live with conditions that require extra daily medication or support. Do these special needs get proper consideration when you are creating your preparedness plan? Here are a few ideas to help you start to prepare for those in your family with addition mental or physical needs: Medication If possible, work with your health care provider and have additional medication on hand for an emergency. Properly rotating this medication is essential. Don’t forget about medication for those with mental or psychiatric disorders. Often, in an emergency, these issues can become exacerbated and medications are even more essential. Mobility If someone you care for is limited in their mobility, it is essential to have plans for their care in mind. Your family preparedness plan should include someone designated to be the caregiver and be prepared to help this individual during an emergency evacuation. Proper means for mobility should be readily available and easy to get to. Special Needs Emergency Kits A special kit assembled just for your loved one is essential. This kit might take into account special feeding equipment or diet specific food. It may include extra supplies that are required to properly care for this individual. This kit will take time and careful consideration to assemble. Advice from a healthcare provider on what would be needed to care for this individual’s needs for several days might be a good idea. If you have special needs, or care for someone who does, take the time to assemble a plan with those needs in mind. With help and advice from your healthcare provider, you can create a plan that will include the items necessary to help these special individuals during a time of crisis. -Angie Sullivan
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