Last Saturday, March 30 was our Sport Solar Oven cook-off. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The skies were clear with plenty of sunshine and temperatures were close to reaching 70 degrees. All locations reported that the oven easily hovered between 200 and 275 degrees. As in past weeks, we tried new recipes to try and challenge the capabilities of the oven. Here are a few of the foods we successfully cooked: Delicious meatballs (and a delightful carrot cake that isn't shown).

2013-03-30_14-57-43_772 meatballs

Chocolate cake! Yum!


Tender pieces of roast cooked at two locations, and cheesy bacon bread (yes BACON!).

Cheesy Bacon Bread

Unexpected Mishaps The Sport Solar Oven at our Orem was hit by an excited shopper. The pot lid opened up, and the oven lost heat—not to mention roast juices that splashed all over in the oven. After cleaning up the mess, they still were able to heat the oven back up and finish the job. We’re happy to report that the oven is doing fine. What did we learn from the cook-offs? Here are a few of the lessons we learned:
  • Put the Sport Solar Oven on the ground in a place where it won’t get trampled, run over, or bumped!
  • Solar ovens actually work! After trying more than 10 different recipes, they all turned out delicious and fully cooked.
  • Always have another option to cook your food in case there is no sunlight. Our dutch ovens and charcoal came in handy on the stormy days. As long as you have sunlight, the oven is a perfect source of cooking for a small group.
  • The Sport Solar Oven will work in cold temperatures. We experienced below freezing conditions and we still cooked a variety of meats, desserts, and baked rolls.
  • Everyone should become familiar with their solar oven and know how to use them before an emergency hits.
  • Save on your power bill and have fun at the same time!
As you can see, the Sport Solar Oven can cook just about anything, not just bread. Get creative with it and let us know what you cook in your Sport Solar Oven.
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