Replace out what skills and supplies your neighbors have to offer in an emergency, and plan your own neighborhood Survival Swap Meet! During an emergency like a power outage, flood, earthquake, or even winter storm, you may Replace yourself working with and helping your neighbors. Planning ahead and knowing the supplies and skills of your neighborhood friends can be a huge blessing should you Replace yourselves relying upon each other in an emergency. How can you best assess what help you can give and get from your neighbors during an emergency situation? I suggest planning a neighborhood survival swap meet! What is a survival swap meet? Well, it’s the opportunity to meet with your neighbors and discuss the products and services you could swap with each other should disaster strike. For example, you might have a neighbor who works in the medical field. Knowing beforehand that they might have specialized supplies and first aid knowledge would be beneficial. Perhaps you have a neighbor that owns a chain saw that could help in the clean- up efforts after a disaster. You might even discover that your neighbor would be willing to swap some of her bottled fruit for your extra tent. In my neighborhood, I’m an at home mom, while my neighbor works during the day. It might be wise for me to know how to shut off the gas supply outside her house should an earthquake necessitate this while she may be stuck at work. I might also create a plan with her for helping get her children safely home from the nearby school and have a neighborhood meeting point should we be unable to contact each other. List this information, along with contact information and then copy for each neighbor. Meeting with your neighborhood friends to assess the skills and supplies each can provide will help you work together should you experience an emergency. You may be pleasantly surprised at the things you will learn and exchange at your Survival Swap Meet! -Angie Sullivan
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