With football season starting back up again, it's a great time to whip out those great recipes for tailgate parties! I always love getting together with friends to watch a good college football game. Not only is the company great but usually there are some great treats to snack on while we watch. While I was with some friends the other day, I started thinking about how to adapt some of my favorite recipes for football parties so I could use my food storage. I realized that I could easily use food storage to make bean dip (one of our favorites) and that we could even use food storage to make tasty BBQ sandwiches. Here are a couple of recipes that I found in the recipe section of the Emergency Essentials page that can serve as a great starting point:
There are so many great tailgate party snacks and foods out there and the more variety you have in your food storage, the more you can create with your food storage. What are some of your favorite tailgating recipes that could use food storage?

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uk theses

uk theses

WOW!!!! such a cool one !! like such coctails. Will try it imeediately

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