Don’t forget to store the cooking essentials you’ll need to help your food storage recipes pass the taste test!

Many of us create our daily recipes without considering all the little products that make the recipe look and taste its best. We don’t think about these items until we unexpectedly run out of them. I bet each of us can remember a time when we realized mid-recipe that we were out of baking powder, butter, or sugar. What starts as a simple recipe can end in a cooking catastrophe!

Imagine how many recipes you will be unable to make if you fail to store some baking powder and baking soda. Many of the quick breads your family enjoys would literally fall flat without these staples! Also, don’t forget the salt. I don’t have to convince anyone that without salt, most recipes are just plain…plain!

Have you considered the different kinds of sugar you might want to store? Not only should you have the classic white sugar, but maybe a selection of powdered sugar, brown sugar, and even honey would help make your food storage pantry more versatile, and quite frankly, much tastier!

When you stock your pantry, don’t forget the fat! You can store dehydrated butter, margarine, and even dehydrated shortening. Certainly you will be limited in your recipe repertoire without a good supply of these essentials.

Cornstarch is another item you might have forgotten to put in your food storage pantry. You also might want to consider soup base, gravy mixes, and chicken and beef broth to help add flavor and give you a good base for many delicious recipes.

As many of us have experienced, having these recipe staples is the difference between a tasty dish and one that just doesn’t pass the taste test!

-Angie Sullivan

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