Utah is about to make history by holding its largest earthquake drill ever! April 17th at 10:15 am MST will be the great Utah Shake Out! Over half a million people will be participating! Will you?
From the Deseret News Classroom Connections, January 24, 2012- "What if you had a ticking time bomb, and no idea how much time was left? What would you do? You [would] prepare for the blast. Running from Idaho to Central Utah, the Wasatch Fault has lain nearly dormant for years. Over the past few centuries, it has caused little more than a geologic hiccup or two. But science tells us the Wasatch Fault is overdue for a major earthquake. The devastation from a Magnitude 7 earthquake in Salt Lake County would mean thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and catastrophic interruption of our lives. Water, electricity and natural gas could be cut off for days or weeks. Mother nature has given us time to prepare. The time is now." This is an exciting opportunity for people in the Utah area to prepare. But if you're not in Utah, don't feel left out. You should join us too! Maybe it's an earthquake, a wildfire, hurricane, or tornado. Whatever your disaster of choice, April 17th is a great day to practice what you, your family, company, etc. will do when it strikes. Click here for our Official Guide for the April Shake Out, and check back here often as we talk about ways to get your house and family ready, and keep you up-to-date on all Shake Out related news.

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