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Tips for Rotating Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Fruits

Since I started using my food storage on a regular basis to keep it rotated, I've come up with a couple of great ways to use my dried fruits like peaches and apples.

First, my kids don't like big chunks so I will chop a handful by hand or in the food processor. I then add some with the water (using a little extra water) to oatmeal for breakfast. I also add the smaller pieces to muffins, pancakes, waffles, and cookies of many kinds.

We also like to rehydrate them for crepes, toppings for ice cream, toppings for pancakes and french toast. They also make great peach and apple crisp.

Another time we love to have them with us is when we go on ATV rides and hikes.

--Tammy, Utah



Charlene Hertzberg

Charlene Hertzberg

Those are great ideas, we think they are pretty yummy just for snacking on too.

Sarah G

Sarah G

I haven't tried the freeze dried food. Does it rehydrate well?

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