After its bouts with big storms, disaster prep in New York City is going mainstream. The TODAY Show is doing its part to get people thinking about preparedness; several months ago they partnered with the Ad Council to create a series of public service announcements. As part of the TODAY Takes Action campaign, weatherman Al Roker created a PSA to promote preparedness. The video below shows the making-of and the PSA.

Al’s video highlights how important it is for individuals and families to prepare by showing a family that is not prepared. (Thanks Natalie for being a good sport!) Sure, the video just covers the basics, but those basics are very important. If you get those basics in place, you and your family will be ready to move on to the next level. In the video, Al and FEMA expert, Paulette Aniskoff, bring up some basic questions. To help you get answers to those questions, click on the question below. You’ll be taken to specific education pages on our new website. Here’s a helpful tip from Al’s video that you can do tonight: Check your alarms and practice what to do if they go off. You should check your alarms every 6 months to make sure they work. The Fire Alarm is a great place to start and if you have a carbon monoxide detector, security alarms, and alarms on any medical devices, don’t forget to check those too. All the best in preparing!
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