Did you know tornadoes can come in pairs? The Instagram photo below shows the devastation that occurred on Monday, June 16th when twin tornadoes touched down in Pilger, Nebraska. At least 70% of the town was heavily damaged or destroyed. Twin tornadoes are very rare and very dangerous.

twin tornadoes touch down in Nebraska

Photo Courtesy of WeatherChannel.com

According to the Weather Channel’s severe weather expert Dr. Greg Postel, “the twister was on the ground for more than an hour . . . And storm chasers in the area described the damage as ‘catastrophic.’” Two people died as a result of the storm—one a 5-year-old girl, and the other a resident from a nearby county four miles east of Pilger. At least 19 people were injured. Officials evacuated residents and took them to a Red Cross shelter in Omaha, Nebraska. Once evacuated, Governor Dave Henieman declared a state of emergency, calling the National Guard into the area to begin recovery efforts. To learn more about the recent twin twisters in Nebraska, check out these articles from the Weather Channel and CNN: Pilger, Nebraska takes Heavy Hit from Tornado . . . Twin Tornadoes Tear through Nebraska Town . . . To learn more about tornado preparedness and what you can do before, during, and after a tornado, check out our Insight article, Preparing for a Tornado. We send heartfelt wishes of recovery to the residents of Pilger, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas. --Angela
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