This month our very popular Wavelength™ Emergency Radio, Charger and Flashlight is on sale for only 12.99! During an emergency or even just a brief power outage, this item provides a way to access information with the AM/FM radio, keep lines of communication open by allowing you to recharge your cell phone, and it will never leave you in the dark.

Wavelength™ Emergency Radio, Charger & Flashlight

A hand crank charges the built-in Nickel Metal Hydride battery. The battery will run the radio for up to 12 minutes from just 1 minute of cranking.

One of the unique features of the Wavelength™ is its ability to charge a cell phone with its universal charging cable. Unlike other cell phone chargers, the Wavelength™ comes with a cable that looks just like your car's power outlet. This allows you to plug in phones, PDA's, and other electronics that have car-charging cables. Simply connect the included cable into the Wavelength™, plug in your car charging cable, plug in the electronic device and begin cranking. It's that easy! The unit sends the electricity to your device as long as you crank at the rate of two turns per second. The Wavelength™ isn't any faster at charging your electronics than your car, so if you have a very low battery, you'll have to crank for a while to get a full charge. But in an emergency you should get about 3 minutes of talk-time for every minute of cranking.

Phone & phone's car adapter not included

There is also a 3 LED flashlight that toggles between two brightness settings. The flashlight will stay on for up to 30 minutes on the low setting (only using 1 LED bulb) for every minute of cranking.

We highly recommend that you include the Wavelength™ Emergency Radio, Charger and Flashlight in your emergency supplies.




I agree with Mornings. I bought several for spares and each of my kids. They use it to keep their personal electronics charged up on trips. I like the fact that they are practicing using this survival tool every time they charge up.
These are a great item. Get some.
Scoutmaster in Texas



This item is a must for emergencies. I bought one and I love it. Bright light, clear radio sound and perfect charger for emergencies.

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