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Thank you for your many kind comments! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by our Facebook page and left a little love for us. Keep visiting us there (and here on the blog), because we like to do giveaways of our own.
If you’re new to the world of Emergency Essentials, this post will give you a quick “tour” of the products, information, and resources we have to offer.
The Emergency Essentials Website
We want you to buy stuff not just because it’s good for business, but because we really believe that our job is to help you prepare. That’s how we help make the world a better place. To help you out we have monthly specials—and between you and me, those deals are pretty good. This November we sold the YETI 1250 Solar Generator Kit (usually $1799.95) for $1399.95. Awesome, right?
Prep School
We really believe in preparedness education, so we started Prep School. (No, you don’t have to wear a uniform. You can access it in your pajamas if you want to!). Feel free to download, print, and copy all Emergency Essentials Prep School courses for personal, community, and other non-commercial use. (More modules coming soon!)
Insight Articles
Check out our Insight Articles; they are like an online library – actually, more like a treasure trove. They’re the El Dorado of emergency information. The Insight Articles offer a ton of in-depth information on how to prepare yourself and your family for emergency situations.
The Preparedness Pantry Blog
Our blog (where you are right now) features giveaways, tips, product reviews, recipes, musings, etc. We also include current events and love to feature guest posts, so keep checking back here—or submit a guest article of your own.
Our Twitter Feed
We also tweet (ain’t it sweet?) so check out our feed. Here we feature preparedness tips, sale items, product highlights, etc.
Our Pinterest Page
We’ve got lots of great pins on our Pinterest site. We’ve pinned recipes, articles, gift ideas, gardening and storage tips, products, etc.
Our YouTube Channel
Our YouTube channel has helpful videos on how to use products. Especially popular are our recipe videos.
The Be Prepared Forum
We love to know what YOU think, what works for you, and what kind of products you want to see.
Big changes are coming for Emergency Essentials. We can’t give you any details now (it may or may not have something to do with how we look), but check back in January. Heck, come visit any time!
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Happy Prepping!
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