If you are living in one of the many areas of the country that is expecting floods this spring due to weather or higher than normal snow pack, you might have asked yourself what you should do once a flood has arrived. We have four tips that would be helpful to become familiar with and keep in mind just in case you do Replace yourself in the middle of a flood.

#1: Do not drive through a flooded area. If you come upon a flooded road, turn around and go another way. More people drown in their cars than anywhere else. You can keep a tool in your car, like our Auto Buddy Emergency Light and Tool, that has a window spike and seat belt cutter just in case you do get stuck in your car.

Auto Buddy Emergency Light and Tool

#2: Do not walk through flooded areas. As little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.

#3: Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires. Electrocution is another major source of deaths in floods. Electric current passes easily through water.

#4: Look out for animals -- especially snakes. Animals lose their homes in floods too and they may seek shelter in your home.




I need to get me one of those Auto Buddy's! :)

crabigail adams

crabigail adams

That Auto Buddy looks like a handy little gadget — after a rollover accident, with glass shards all around and trapped upside down in a seat belt, that would've been just the thing to help make a safe exit.

((((Not that that's EVER happened to me … )))))


Monsoon Matriarch

Monsoon Matriarch

Rule # 1 is so true!! Every year we have people DIE here in AZ when they decide that fast water a foot deep is no problem.

We had a small flood a few years ago and some goofball drove down our road in over a foot of water. The wake they left behind lifted our flood gate and it was all over. We ended up with 2 feet of water in our yard, which wiped out our garden.

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