Wildfires Plague Southern California

This week has been a scorcher in Southern California, no thanks to extreme drought conditions and the familiar Santa Ana winds. Those two factors unfortunately created the perfect storm for wildfires to burn like crazy in several areas Tuesday, Wednesday, and likely into Thursday. More than 11,000 Carlsbad residents and 20,000 in and around San Diego were asked to evacuate—though most of the San Diego evacuees have been allowed to return home. Hundreds of firefighters have been working to control these blazes—and, luckily, only two minor injuries have been reported among them. Many will work through the night tonight to keep up containment efforts. Read the rest of the article at FoxNews.com. Would you be ready to evacuate within minutes if you received a notice from the Fire Department? Learn how you can be evacuation-ready: "Evacuation Plan" "Evacuating from Home in an Emergency" Prepare yourself and your home for wildfires with these tips: "Emergency Fire Safety" "Fire Season Safety Preparedness Tips" --Urban Girl

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