Have you been affected by any of the recent winter storms over the past few weeks? Well, another one is brewing to hit hard in the next couple of days across most of the United States. Although the Midwest has been mostly spared this winter so far, here it comes!

According to the Associated Press, "A monster winter storm bigger than some Midwest cities have seen in years slogged toward the nation's midsection Monday as the region geared up its defenses against a potentially deadly mix of sleet, snow and ice that could affect a third of the nation.

While record snowfalls have pounded the Northeast in what's shaping up to be one of that region's most brutal winters, the Midwest has been comparatively unscathed. Not this time: Up to two feet of snow was forecast for some cities, and the storm was expected to carve a frigid path from Colorado to New England by week's end. Thunderstorms and tornadoes were possible further south."

From what I've gathered, the forecast includes freezing temperatures, high winds, snow, freezing rain, sleet, thunderstorms and even tornadoes. Now would be a great time to assess your preparedness for these winter conditions. We have a variety of very helpful online Insight Articles that address Natural Disaster Preparedness. You can click here to see these articles.

In addition, we carry many supplies that are very helpful to have during winter storms:

Remember that preparation is one of the most important tools you have in any type of an emergency or disaster.


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