When people think about preparing for a wildfire, they think about evacuation plans, making sure their homes are built to code, and preparing their families. What many people DON'T prepare, is their yards.

As our readers may have learned in the news, there have been wildfires in Herriman, UT that spread to thousands of acres, causing over 1600 people to evacuate their homes and take shelter elsewhere. Amazingly, this fire has only destroyed three homes. Right now, the fire is still too fresh and active (about 50% contained so far) to figure out how so many homes survived, but something most of these homes had in common were green lawns.

You don't necessarily need to have a green lawn to keep your home safe from a wildfire, but maintaining your lawn could potentially keep wildfire damage to your home to a minimum.

Here are some tips from FEMA's website for creating a 30-foot safety zone around your home:

--Remove vines from the walls of the house
--Move shrubs and other landscaping away from the house and its sides
--Prune branches and shrubs within 15 feet of chimneys and stove pipes

You can Replace more tips here at this link

Just like maintaining your house, you should also maintain your yard.

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