Alexapure Emergency Water Bank

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Turn your bathtub into a 65-gallon* water storage tank with the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank!

  • Heavy-duty, BPA-free liner that fills with water
  • 65-gallon max capacity
  • 1 pump for drawing water
  • Fits almost any bathtub
  • Water can be stored up to 16 weeks**
  • Fills in just 20 to 30 minutes
  • To purify water, works great with Aquamira drops

Costs Less. Easy to Use. Say “So Long” to the Hassle of Water Storage.

How it Works – In emergencies that last days or weeks, you typically have access to tap water for a while before it becomes contaminated or goes dry.

This gives you plenty of time to fill your Alexapure Water Bank with two months’ worth of water for one person.***

Setup Is a Breeze – Simply lay out the Water Bank in your bathtub, fasten the opening to the tub faucet, and fill it.

It’s just that easy.

Holds More Than a “Big Blue” Water Barrel and Takes Up Almost No Space

Holds More Water – An ordinary emergency water barrel holds around 55 gallons while the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank holds up to 65 gallons.

Takes Up Less Space – And because of its ingenious design, the Water Bank is many times smaller than a barrel. Rather than taking up valuable space in your garage or yard, you can stash it in a closet, under a bed, or in a drawer.


*Water Bank stores up to 65 gallons of water. Storage capacity will vary based on bathtub size.

**Achieves maximum shelf life when stored in cool, dark, dry conditions.

***65 gallons provides approximately two months of water for one person consuming around one gallon of water per day 

Water Bank designed for one-time use.


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