VESTA Indoor Space Heater & Cook Stove (WITH Self-Powered Fan) by InstaFire

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Stay Warm, Fed, Fueled & Prepared Without Power!

Whether you’re stuck inside during a power outage or lost in the dark and harsh woods, you’ll need tools and supplies to cook food and keep warmwithout electricity to rely on.

The VESTA Self-Powered Indoor Space Heater & Stove by InstaFire takes on double duty during disaster! Get a space heater and stove all in one with this innovative VESTA unit.

Plus, this bundle includes a three pack of Canned Heat & Cooking Fuel to power your VESTA unit!

  • Boil water, cook meals, and more.
  • Heat an area up to 200 square feet in size.
  • Get three packs of canned heat to fuel your VESTA unit right away!

    Supremely Safe

    Don't rely on propane appliances or gas generators to keep you warm during disaster.  They're inefficient and worst of all, potentially deadly. 

    The VESTA is a rare heating unit that's designed to run on InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat. When powered with Canned Heat, the VESTA is safe for indoor and outdoor use!* Stay tucked away and out of harm’s way, whatever awaits you in the unpredictable outdoors.

    Plus, you won’t see any smoke or toxic fumes. You won't be tracked, traced, or found whether you're camping out or bugging out!

    Stay Fed & Fueled

    Use your VESTA unit to prepare meals no matter where you are! Boil water, fry up some eggs for breakfast, or warm up a pot of soup with no trouble at all.

    VESTAEasy to Use in Crisis

    Just slip in a few units of InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat and light them to use your VESTA unit.

    Take It Where You Need It

    At nine pounds, the VESTA unit is lightweight and easy to carry around. Take it with you wherever you may need it!

    Have Heat When Temperatures Drop

    When temperatures drop and summer storms roll in, use the VESTA unit as a space heater. It’ll keep an area up to 200 square feet toasty and warm!

    Get multiple VESTA units to spread throughout the house. Put one in each bedroom and common area!FAN

    Automatic Fan

    The fan motor operates on heat and must absorb enough of it to run.

    Because of that, it takes up to three minutes for the fan to begin spinning. It takes another five to eight minutes to reach its full speed and emit maximum heat, at which point it will blow three to four miles per hour, like a small space heater.

    All About Canned Heat & Cooking Fuel

    Each package contains three lightweight cans of high-purity diethylene glycol with a flashpoint of around 265°F.

    • Safe for indoor and outdoor use: It burns clean with nontoxic fumes.
    • Won't spill: Spilled glycol does not ignite. Try to light it—it will not catch fire without a wick!
    • Six-hour burn time: Prepare several meals or heat an area through most of the night.
    • Keeps working throughout the years: Lasts indefinitely. Use some now and save the rest for later!
    • Reusable: Leftover fuel can be preserved and used again and again!
    • Compact: Easy fit for bug-out bags, drawers, and small spaces. Each can measures 3.25 inches in circumference and 2.75 inches in height.
    • Just the right size: Sized perfectly for the VESTA. These cans slide right in and start heating in minutes.
    • Lightweight: Each can weighs 7.11 ounces (210 grams).


    *6-Hour Canned Heat is chafing fuel—nontoxic and generally safe for indoor use. It is still highly recommended to provide adequate ventilation in any room where it is in use.

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