Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder (1 pkg. w/ 3 packs)

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Easy Way To Stop Bleeding

Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder is a First Aid temporary wound treatment that is a must-have in your emergency preparedness first-aid kit.

Just open, pour on wound, and cover. The easy way to stop bleeding. Perfect for when a bandage is not enough, or you need a quick solution in the field until you can get to treatment. 

Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder achieves hemostasis (coagulation) and reduce blood loss as compared to other treatments. This product lasts up to 20 years unopened, so you can keep it on hand until you need to use it.*

  • Simple use: pour on wound and cover
  • Ability to achieve hemostasis (coagulation) and reduced blood loss compared to other treatments
  • Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging
  • All Natural, No Perfumes, No Chemicals.

  • Can be used on minor cuts to severe lacerations

  • Now with antibacterial added

  • 100% Naturally Organic

1oz (28g) per small pouch. 1 pack of three is 3oz (84g) of powder.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To control bleeding, pour contents onto wound and cover. Use additional product if necessary. See doctor immediately if needed. 

INGREDIENTS: UV Sterilized Clinoptilolite Hemostatic Powder, Curcuma longa L (Turmeric)

This product is made in the USA. 


*Shelf life is up to 20 years when packaging remains unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

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