Inferno Pro Chimney Grill by Instafire



Exploring the summer campsite with the kids or sheltering in place at home, you need the means to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your family.

Power is not always available. In fact, in an emergency, electricity is usually shut off. But with the Inferno Pro Chimney Grill by InstaFire, serving up a fully cooked feast is not only possible; it’s simple!

Get an instant, transportable, and reliable grill without the extra weight, clutter, and hassle.

  • YOU BARELY HAVE TO WAIT This grill is also a charcoal chimney, getting your coals ready for cooking in a snap!
  • FEED THE WHOLE FAMILY Prepare up to nine hamburger patties at the same time on the 14" x 14" grill. An ideal surface for accommodating your family!
  • EVEN COOKING IN EMERGENCIES The patent-pending design cooks evenly, reducing the risk of charred or contaminated food.
  • MORE SPACE, MORE OPTIONS Use the wide grilling surface to prepare a wide range of options, like fish and game. 
  • COOK WITHOUT CHEMICALS The chimney is built in, which means there’s no need for chemical-laden charcoal soaked in lighter fluid. Remain worry-free about chemical transfers to your food!
  • SMALL AND STASHABLE Fold this grill attachment down to just four inches in width, then stash it inside your go-bag for effortless and lightweight carry.



Measuring a 14" x 14" square, use this large grill grate to cook up all the foods your family loves. With all that extra space, the options for emergency meal preparation expand to new heights!

On this grill, you can cook fresh fish caught from the lake, or our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and even our Black Bean Burger mix. 

Eating alone or feeding the crew, turn to this grill and get the job done with ease.



This fresh, new Chimney Grill features a patent-pending design and offers one-of-a-kind features unavailable anywhere else.

It consists of two parts: a cooking grate and charcoal grate.


When the cooking grate hits extreme weather conditions along the way, it will resist rust, corrosion, and warping. This keeps it strong and lasting long!

With tabs on the inside and outside, the grill will remain stable on uneven terrain and other surfaces. You won’t have to worry about it tipping over whether you’re at camp or in the bunker. 

Plus, the cooking grate is made from stainless steel. In addition to being durable, your food will stay safe from contamination and harmful chemicals.


Picture this: an eight-inch inferno flame directing heat to the middle of your charcoal, getting your coals ready almost immediately.

The charcoal grate doubles as a charcoal chimney, so there’s no need for lighter fluid. Leave that and all the extra gear behind! Nothing to set up or lug around. This grill gives you more with a lot less fuss. 

Keep the flame alive with the fuel slot at the bottom of the charcoal grate. Drop sticks, twigs, leaves, and more straight into the Inferno Pro for consistent heat without disturbing your cooking setup.



This Chimney Grill was made for emergency meal preparation. 

  • SET IT UP FAST Setup, cooking, and takedown can all be done in minutes. Always be ready for your next move!
  • CLEANS EASILY Made from highly polished, cold-rolled stainless steel and nonstick elements, this grill is an easy tool to clean. Less grease, less residue, and no scrubbing!
  • NO EXTRAS NEEDED No pots, pans, extra utensils, or specialty cleaning products needed.
  • HIDE FROM THE THREAT The design of this grill minimizes ash and coal waste, avoiding your detection in a hostile environment.

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