Ready Hour Can Opener

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If there’s canned food in your emergency storage, then you need a Ready Hour Can Opener in your home!

Doesn’t Bend, Doesn’t Break – Most emergency can openers are made of flimsy alloys that bend after just a few uses.

The Ready Hour Can Opener is crafted from carbon steel—a metal in high-end cookware and automobiles. It has far more tensile strength than even stainless steel.

Rust Resistant – This is the perfect can opener for storing away for years. The ultra-durable carbon steel blade resists rust and decay.

No Cuts, No Smashed Fingers – We paid special attention to the details crafting this opener! The finger guard is engineered for active, outdoor applications. It shields your hand from slicing and crushing.

Fits Anywhere – Don’t take up precious space in your bug-out bag with a kitchen can opener. The Ready Hour Can Opener fits in the palm of your hand! It's larger than a military P-38 can opener.

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