Chicken Mac and Cheese by Beyond Outdoor Meals (2 servings, 710 calories)

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Chicken Mac & Cheese: An ALL-NEW Blend of Familiar Flavor & Ample Protein

Chicken Mac n Cheese

When the unexpected hits, you need comfort, familiarity, and sufficient fuel. That's where this Chicken Mac & Cheese from Beyond Outdoor Meals comes in.

  • Freeze-Dried & Cooks in the Pouch: Just pour boiling water right into the pouch, stir, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Eat up!
  • Familiar Flavors of Home: Indulge in the rich, sharp cheddar cheese sauce blended with real chicken breasts and macaroni noodles. 
  • Loaded with Calories: With a much-needed 710 calories per pouch, this meal gives you more calories per dollar than other freeze-dried pouch meals.
  • Protein Power: Finish up your meal feeling strengthened and sustained with a whopping 46 grams of protein per pouch!
  • Long Shelf Life: Packaged to last up to 10 years in proper storage.*
  • Bang for Your Buck: Beyond Outdoor Meals equips you for emergencies at an unbeatable value. (Go ahead and compare costs to competitors!) 

*Shelf life lasts up to 10 years when unopened. For best results, store in a cool and dry place kept at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

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